Sometimes, especially in bigger teams, there maybe some dev related settings that you’d prefer not to turn on and you do not want to check-in your changes into GitHub.

For example turning off Bullet, or adding a custom Rspec setting. All you’ll need to do is, add this to .gitignore:

# .gitignore

Then create a file in your initializers directory with your patch:

# config/initializers/zzz_custom_rspec.rb
if Rails.env.test?
  # this is for running the only--failures task
  RSpec.configure do |c|
    c.example_status_persistence_file_path = "tmp/rspec_examples.txt"

Or another one:

# config/initializers/zzz_custom_bullet.rb
if Rails.env.development?
  Rails.application.config.after_initialize do
    Bullet.rails_logger = false
    Bullet.enable = false

Then you’re good to go, without stepping on your fellow teammates toes.