Simon Rentzke

Twitter Credit Card

June 23, 2012

I like credit cards, I base my whole month on not caring about if I have cash in my current account, and put my whole earnings into a savings account. This doesn’t earn me a ton of money, but it’s more efficient, and like efficiency, it gives me a buzz… nerd

I grew up in Cape Town, and about 10 years ago got my first credit card, it was pretty easy to get, my pops signed surety and the bank gave me a whopping $1500 limit, I had no job or anything.

Forward a few years, I went to the States, to a place called South Lake Tahoe, received a credit card again - with the promise of a Job and a passport - they gave me a limit of a couple of hundred dollars. Sweet!

Forward a couple more years, I was living in London, I was working full time, and found it quite difficult to get a credit card, they eventually gave me one when armed with an folder full of proof-of-address statements, they gave me a measly £200 limit.

Forward another few years, and here I find myself living in Brisbane, Australia… Once again trying to get a sacred Credit Card. Turns out, it’s impossible, I have a fulltime job, a partner visa… and more money than I’ve ever had. WestPac, Amex and ANZ - all deny me a card… For what reason I’m not entirely sure…

So, out of options, I turn to twitter :

… within 20 minutes a NAB bank official is on the phone to me. Within 2 weeks, I have a credit card…

Twitter Customer Service when done right is the best customer service you could ever get.